Cochrans Carpet Cleaning


Preparing for Our Arrival:

♦Pick up all your nick knacks and breakables.

♦We'll take care of your lamps and all your furniture.

♦No need to vacuum we take care of that.

While We are There:

♦The guys will only bring in two hoses and a cleaning wand. We use a truck mounted gas powered steam cleaning machine.

♦We will spray cleaning agents and stain removers, buff out spots.

♦Our technicians will place furniture back into place and place protective blocks under furniture. This is to keeps your furniture from staining your carpet.

♦After cleaning carpet and blocking furniture we will take a special rake made for carpet this will fluff up carpet and make sure our live enzyme deodorizer and protection are spread evenly threw out carpet. 

After We Leave:

♦IMPORTANT: Please be careful walking from damp Carpet to uncarpeted surfaces, it may be slick. I would put an old towel down between rooms to wipe feet dry.

♦It is a good idea to walk on damp carpet with tennis shoes.

♦The guys will let you know whether to keep air or heat on, it depends on the season.

♦Keep air circulating, for faster dry time turn on all fans.

♦Run the vacuum the next day to fluff up and to finish drying if still damp.

♦Watch for stains to reappear, we will come back and take care of them.


                                 Hope to See You Next Year!

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